What we do

Garment alterations and repairs

Below are our prices for garment alterations and repairs, including trousers/jeans, skirts/dresses, coats/jackets, curtain alterations etc.

Shorten/Lengthen £8
Re-hem £5
With turn-ups/vents £10
Tapering £12-£18
Alter waist and hips £15-£20
Half pockets £5
Shorten/lengthen £9-£15
With lining/vents/pleats £12-£20
Alter waist/hips £15-£20
Dress tapering £14
Shorten sleeves £12
With vent/buttons £18
Shorten coat/jacket £20-£25
Tapering £20-£25
Tapering sides/sleeves £12
Shorten sleeve with cuff £10
Shorten hem £9
Trouser/Jeans from £8
Skirts from £8
Invisible from £13
Dress from £10
Jackets/Coats from £20
Cushion zips from £10
Curtain alterations
By the metre from £6
Minor repairs
Patches, rips, seams and buttons from £2

Call in for a free consultation, no matter if it's a simple 'turn up' or a more complicated 'jacket re-style' our friendly staff are at your service to offer you advice and assist. We will even 'text message' you to let you know your garment is ready for collection.

Remember: On-site fitting rooms are available - No appointment necessary! Remember: There's FREE parking and we're only minutes walk from Radcliffe Metrolink station.
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