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Bridal wear

Specialist cleaning and care services

A wedding dress is perhaps THE most important item of clothing you will ever wear and probably the most expensive! So it goes without saying that the greatest possible care and attention must be afforded this most beautiful of possessions.

Plain/Simple Gown £45
With medium box £99
With Large Box £119
Two piece gown £55
With Medium Box £109
With Large Box £129
Elaborate layered gown £75
With Medium Box £129
With Large Box £139
Elaborate two piece gown £85
With Medium Box £139
With Large Box £149

A Wedding Box will protect your dress from light and dust which can fade and mark the fabric. Boxes are made from specially milled pH neutral board that prevents 'yellowing' or discolouration of the fabric, it also allows the dress to 'breathe' (unlike plastic covers!) It is extremely sturdy and designed to prevent damage from mould, insects, flooding and impact.

Boxes are beautifully designed and romantically crafted to protect the most important dress you're ever likely to wear!

Remember: On-site fitting rooms are available - No appointment necessary! All our work is undertaken inhouse by skilled seamstresses using modern equipment, providing our customers with a prompt and professional service.
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